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ფასი: 1840 ლარი
ფასდაკლებით: 1490 ლარი
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ROLAND E09 სინთეზატორი

Though the price might say "low end," the Roland E-09 keyboard's sounds and styles are nothing but first class. Building on the success of Roland's popular E-series arranger keyboards, the E-09 ushers in a brand-new look, feel, and sound for the family. With its high-quality sound engine, pro-style appearance, and powerful specifications—including a newly designed library of sounds and interactive styles—the Roland keyboard raises the quality standard for entry-level arrangers.

International Appeal

With a global array of interactive musical accompaniments onboard, the Roland E-09 puts a world of colorful and authentic music under your fingertips. Master programmers from around the world have created special Styles for the E-09, spotlighting the Western, Middle Eastern, and Asian cultures.

EZ Operation

As Roland's technology continues to expand and improve, so too does the user-friendliness of its instruments. This electronic keyboard is no exception, as it provides a clearly labeled lineup of large, friendly buttons across its front panel, logically organized into task types. There are one-touch Tone and Style locator buttons to help find the sound and style quickly, plus an array of helpful, dedicated controls to make navigating and playing the keyboard a breeze.

Low Profile, Big Sound

The Roland E-09 arranger keyboard introduces a professional-grade industrial design to the E family. Its black metallic finish, coupled with a slim, streamlined chassis design, makes the E-09 eye catching and easy to transport. Despite its slim physique, the E-09 outputs an impressively big sound from its built-in stereo speaker system. To further enhance the sound, the built-in effects processor can add space, depth, and other special effects. There are 47 types of multi-effects to choose from, plus eight varieties of reverbs and choruses.


A great sound engine is only the beginning. The Roland E-09 keyboard allows you to add space, depth, and other special effects to your sounds with its onboard multi-effects processor. There are 47 types of multi-effects to choose from, plus 8 varieties of reverbs and choruses. A powerful bonus: Each sound within a simultaneous-patch group can have its own effects assignment.

Roland E-09 Interactive Arranger Electronic Keyboard - Factory Restock Features:

* Improved high-quality sound engine; GM2 compliant
* Newly designed Musical Styles, including Western, Middle East, and Asian
* 64-voice polyphony
* 800-plus tones, 70 drum kits
* 47 Multi-FX plus reverb and chorus
* 16-track recorder with Easy Mode
* Friendly Music Assistants, One-Touch settings
* High-performance speaker system onboard


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